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Cambodia: Fast fashion helps fuel blazing kilns where workers faint from heat

Chantrea drags an electric fan the size of a large door into the airless chamber where she works every day.

It is her only respite from the heat inside the brick kiln that looks more like a dimly lit tomb.

"It's like working inside a burning prison," the 47-year-old says as she stacks the dried bricks, which will be moved to a warehouse. "I have asked the owners to provide us with more fans. But they won't because it will cost more money."

The fan she does have slowly clunks as it starts, eventually whirring into action. It barely creates a breeze.

How hot is too hot to work? It is a question researchers have found the answer to here, in Cambodia's brick kilns, where people toil in some of the hottest working conditions in the world, fuelled in part by the scraps of fast fashion.

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