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Coco Chanel ballet in Atlanta - dancing on the volcano?

Uwe Westphal  Author, Journalist, Historian Co-founder Jewel Institute of Fashion, Florida  

It's astonishing how consistently the fashion icon's Nazi past is hidden here. What comes next? The Eva Braun ballet? The Göring comedy?It is correct: Chanel had an enormous influence on fashion design. But does that legitimize the whitewashing of her widely known Nazi connections?The underlying motto follows the revisionist logic: Hitler's Volkswagen was a good invention and, after all, he built the autobahns. So who cares that forced laborers had to work at Volkswagen? Chanel was not interested in the expropriation of Paris Jewish couture and textile companies and their looting by German soldiers in occupied Paris. Her liaison with Baron Günther von Dincklage, who was doing his dirty work in Paris on behalf of the SS security service, brought Chanel numerous advantages, which she used to her advantage during and after the war.But who wants to see a Nazi aristocrat in a ballet outfit? The initiators and organizers of the ballet obviously don't care. After all, the French consulate in Atlanta is financing the ballet. Motto: ...the show must go on ? Obviously! 

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